Player Commands

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Starting Commands use these once when you start out then you shouldn't need to use them again.

!givepearl <name> - Gives the named character a server linkpearl. The character must zone to refresh their inventory.

!rankup - Sets the player’s current nation Rank to 10

General Commands

!help - Lists all available player commands while in game

!addhomepoints - Unlocks all home points and Grounds Tome teleports.

!ah - Opens the Auction House menu from anywhere in the world

!cap - Restricts the player's level to 75

!check - Lists the target monster's stats

!checkenmity - Lists the targeted mob's enmity towards players

!checkenmitytrusts - Lists the targeted mob's enmity towards trusts

!costume - Changes the player's costume. !costume 0 to remove

!killcount - Lists the number of times the player has killed certain NM's (!killcount 1, !killcount 2)

!killexp - Removes any Dedication buffs currently on the player

!lockstyle - Changes the player's armor appearance to an armor set

!petstats - Lists the player's pet stats

!regen - Gives the player a 3/tick Regen/Refresh, and Signet (Only works levels 1-98)

!release - Releases the player from frozen cutscenes

!rezone - Allows the player to rezone without moving (Requires full hp)

!stats - Lists the player's stats (!stats 1, !stats 2)

!signet - Gives the player Signet/Sanction/Sigil/Ionis (based on Region player is in) for 8 hours

!shop - Opens a variety of shops (!shop 1, !shop 2, !shop 3, !shop 4, !shop 5, !shop 6, !shop 7)

Teleport Commands

!dem/!holla/!mea - Teleports the player to the Konschtat Highlands/La Theine Plateau/Tahrongi Canyon

!altep/!yhoat/!vahzl - Teleports the player to Eastern Altepa Desert/Yhoator Jungle/Xarcabard (Must have the telepoint KI's)

!beach - Teleports the player to the Feretory (beach area).

!circuit - Teleports the player to the Chocobo Circuit starting line.

!library - Teleports the player to the Celennia Memorial Library.

!warp/!home - Return the player to their homepoint