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Low 5 (Clotho Orb) 99 Content

Legion XI Wild Wild Whiskers Prehistoric Pigeons Double Draconian Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Legion XI.jpg
Wild Wild Whiskers.jpg
Prehistoric Pigeons.jpg
Double Dragonian.jpg

High 5 (Lachesis Orb) 119+ Content

Royal Succession Eye of the Storm Brothers Du'Arphe Operation Desert Swarm Eye of the Tiger
Royal Succession.png
Eye of the Storm.jpg
Brothers D'Aurphe.jpg
Operation Desert Swarm.jpg
Eye of the Tiger.jpg

Big 3 (Themis Orb) 119+ Alliance Content

Early Bird Catches the Wyrm Horns of War Hills are Alive
Early Bird Catches the Wyrm.png
Horns of War.png
Hills are Alive.png

Avatar Fights

Base Primals (Tuning Forks) 119 Content

Trial by Wind Trial by Lightning Trial by Ice
Trial By Wind.jpg
Trial by Lightning.jpg
Trial by Ice.jpg
Trial by Fire Trial by Earth Trial by Water
Trial by Fire.jpg
Trial by Earth.jpg
Trial by Water.jpg

Advanced Primals 119+ Content

The Moonlit Path Waking the Beast Waking Dreams
The Moonlit Path.jpg
Waking the Beast.jpg
Waking Dreams.jpg

Avatar Kings 119+++ Content

Divine Interference
(Currently Unavailable)
A Stygian Pact
(Currently Unavailable)
Champion of the Dawn
(Currently Unavailable)
Divine Interference.jpg
A Stygian Pact.jpg
Champion of the Dawn.jpg

High Tier (Phantom Gems)

Ark Angels 119+ Content

Ark Angel Mithra Ark Angel Hume Ark Angel Elvaan Ark Angel Taru Taru Ark Angel Galka
Ark Angel Mithra.png
Ark Angel HM.png
Ark Angel Elvaan.png
Ark Angel Taru Taru.png
Ark Angel Galka.png
Divine Might 119+ Alliance Content
Divine Might.jpg

Missions 119 and 119+ Content

Return to Delkfutt's Tower Shadow Lord One to be Feared
Return to Delkfutt's Tower.jpg
Shadow Lord.jpg
One to be Feared.jpg
The Celestial Nexus The Savage The Warrior's Path
The Celestial Nexus.jpg
The Savage 2.jpg
The Warrior's Path.png
Head Wind
(Currently Unavailable)
Puppet in Peril Legacy of the Lost
(Currently Unavailable)
Head Wind.jpg
Puppet in Peril.jpg
Legacy of the Lost.jpg
(Currently Unavailable)

ISNMs 119+ Content

Compliments to the Chef
(Currently Unavailable)
Shadows of the Mind
(Currently Unavailable)
Happy Caster
(Currently Unavailable)
Compliments to the Chef.PNG
Shadows of the Mind.PNG
Happy Caster.PNG