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Welcome to Caldera!

This is a guide to help you get started with the basics of our server. We strive to ensure retail like mechanics. Though our drop rates, locations, and monster difficultly is typically customized. Players should also reference the ***Good to know*** page. For Ashita connection please see the below image.

                                                                                                  Full Startup Guide
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!help: Displays all available player commands.
!rankup: This will set your nation rank to 10. This is more or less a requirement, as mission battlefields have been repurposed and dev staff will devote minimal effort to troubleshooting mission issues.
!givepearl NAME: Adds a blank linkpearl to the player's inventory that will activate as the server linkshell once the player zones.
!regen: Applies a 3 HP/MP per tick Regen and Refresh. This command is usable levels 1-98.
!shop: Lists the global NPC shops. Typing !shop and the number will open that specific shop i.e. !shop 1 for food.
!check: Prints a targeted monster's level and stats to the player.
!stats: Prints the player's stats to the player.
!ah: Opens the auction house from anywhere. Caldera AH does not buy your items, or restock itself. It is exclusively player filled.

!home/warp: Returns the player to their homepoint.
!rezone: A player at full HP may use rezone to teleport back to their current location. This typically helps with getting stuck.
!holla/dem/mea: Teleports players to the initial 3 crags. Unlocked at start.
!altep/yhoat/vahzl: Teleports players to the 3 higher level crags, but requires the player to have the "gate crystal" Key Item for each crag.
!addhomepoints: Unlocks all homepoints for the player.
!beach: Teleports players to the Feretory zone, commonly used as a bazaar.
!library: Teleports the player to the Library, full of several useful NPCs.

Once you are in the library, look for the Institutions bookshelf just to the right of Andreine. Clicking on the bookshelf will unlock all of your spells/rolls/summons/etc, cap all of your combat and magic skills, unlock all available trusts (you can summon 3 trusts, and unlock the fourth by beating all Abyssea Tier 1 zone bosses), and complete and give you full access to all Rise of Zilart (Sky) and Chains of Promathia (Sea) content.

Outpost teleport NPC's can be found near the Mog Houses in Bastok Mines, Port Windurst, and North San d'Oria.

Basic things you want to know.

  • You are allowed a maximum of 3 characters and a fourth bazaar character (your fourth character is restricted to the !beach area).
  • You will be allowed to use add-ons like multisend for controlling them and the use of Cure Please program is advised.
  • Experience points are 3.5x Retail, and running speed is 2x retail's normal speed. Leveling will be fast and furious.
  • Please check the server rules tab to understand the basics of what's allowed and what's not allowed.

Starting out and buying gear.

  • You will get 25,000 gil.
  • You will get all 3 city rings.
  • You will get a Kupofried's Ring which doubles your experience points gained. It has 11 charges and can be re-charged at the !library Institution bookshelf for 1,500 conquest points (remember to get Signet from a nation gate guard or use the !signet command).
  • You will get a Destrier Beret and Chocobo Shirt. These 2 items have a set effect of +50 STR and +15 INT beginning at level 1 and the bonus decays as you level up.
  • Weapons and armor can be purchased from Andreine in the !library.
  • Food can be purchased from !shop 1.
  • Artifact armor may be claimed from personages in the !library once you hit level 51.
  • Players can also purchase non-item level sparks equipment from NPC's in all home nations if they have unlocked Records of Eminence (RoE) quests.

Beginner's Leveling guide!

New players should take a moment to familiarize themselves with:
Fields of Valor
Grounds of Valor
Records of Eminence

As these allow players to gain additional experience, gil, and currency used for buffs and gear. It should be noted that Caldera tomes rewards are enhanced.
There is an RoE challenge in which you get 5,000 exp for every 5,000 exp you gain, essentially the leveling rate. It happens for 4 hours 3 times a week, Monday 11pm EST, Wednesday 3pm EST and Sunday 7am EST.
Players should recall trusts every few levels, as trusts do not level up when you do. Only when summoned.
Records of Eminence does not function completely on Caldera, but it is functional enough to start the quest and begin accruing sparks.

Level 1 to 18

Players will want to equip their Destrier Beret and Chocobo shirt and start walking to either Maze of Shakhrami or Gusgen Mines, killing everything along their way that is not a notorious monster. By the time you reach either zone, you should be sufficiently leveled to enter.

Level 14 to 35

Players who chose to go to Gusgen Mines can grab page 1 and begin killing skeletons. Start with Skeleton Warriors and Ghouls on the first map, then move further into the Mines for Wights and Ghasts on the third map (F/G-7 to F/G-8). This allows you to stay on a singular page to 35, and has the potential to take a player to level ~49.

Players who chose to go to Maze of Shakhrami will start one page 1 in the first room, transitioning to page 5 around level 25 and monsters around H-8 of the first map. This will also take you to level 35.

Level 35 to 55

Crawler's Nest. Start on page 1 and farm around the first two rooms. Players need to be careful of death jacket final sting. Switch to page 4 and continue farming until capping out around level 60 if you choose.

Level 50 to 75

Make sure to grab artifact armor and a good weapon before coming in. This is a long zone.

Bostaunieux Oubliette. Beginning on page 2 right as you drop in. Farm these spawns until about level 69 then switch to page 4 until you hit 75.

Level 73 to 99

Promyvion. This last stretch has no pages or books. Monsters in this zone give triple EXP, but avoid anything Apex.

There are two options. Players can !cap and farm the first floor indefinitely to level 99.
Players can farm the first floor to level 90, the second floor to 97, and finish to 99 on floor 3.